How Would Your Life Be Different
If You Disconnected for a While?

Unplugging. Digital detox. Media fasting. Tech sabbath. Internet vacation. Call it what you will... In schools across the country, students are doing experiments where they take a break from cellphones and computers, in order to get a new perspective on the role of media in their lives.

People often describe digital media as "the air we breathe." Unlike the natural elements, however, you can survive without devices (though it might not feel like it, at first). Marshall McLuhan once observed: We don't know who discovered water, but it probably wasn't a fish. Try getting outside of your own element for a while, and make some discoveries!

Here you will find a collection of videos, readings, and other things to help you unplug your class.

“Disconnection is the new counterculture.”
–Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows and Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Featured Video:

Disconnected: Three Students, One Month, No Computers

A documentary produced by students at Carleton College who tried to unplug for three weeks as a class project. Will they resist temptation, or will they cheat? (What would you do?) You can watch the trailer here via YouTube, view the movie on Hulu, or purchase the DVD from the college bookstore.

Latest News:

The World Unplugged

This study led by University of Maryland in 2010 found that college students on five continents found it difficult to unplug—but when they did, they felt more peaceful, invigorated, happy, liberated, focused, and creative.