Here are some videos about unplugging that your class might enjoy. Have you used one of these videos in your class? Please click “leave a reply” to tell your (and your students’) impressions. Have a suggestion for other viewing material? Contact us!

Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier

This PBS Frontline documentary by Rachel Dretzin and Douglas Rushkoff looks at the ups and downs of our transition to online culture — from the risks of digital addiction to the opportunities of interactive learning. The website features interviews with Mark Bauerlein, danah boyd, Henry Jenkins, Clifford Nass, Todd Oppenheimer, Marc Prensky, Sherry Turkle and other leading thinkers. Watch the full program online here.

Twentysomething “Goes Amish,” Unplugs for 3 Months

Jake Reilly, a grad student in Chicago, avoided cellphone, e-mail and social media for 90 days in his “Going Amish Project.” The experiment took Reilly, 24, from his normal life of following 250 people on Twitter and sending 1500 texts per month to using courtesy phones at a nearby hospital and writing chalk messages on friends’ sidewalks. He credits the project with making him

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