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  1. Rushkoffs making the right pontis, and he does do his literate homework but he still suffers from the ailment that his very rational ways just go to feed the machine. His SWSX audience or that at the current TED’s that lost the E for Entertainment- and have substituted it with a G for Govern- just use his fame to underscore their own meta agendas .Let’s face it, hes become a Jon Stewart with out the funny timing. Maybe the same fate that fell McLuhan, as he became a talk show oddity in his later years.I dont think its the we should become programmers meme hes speading, but the know your media one the problem is really insideous since the medium he’s questioning is designed to use his contrarian remarks against him.The media induced psychosis that has infected us all for decades .So IF the techno-religion is what replaced science,reason and the humans god, how does one end it?,, i think the only answer is to present enough evidence of its harm that eventually the faith of its borg drones must question themselves.the only other answer is one of violence but that is how religious wars go.More rewards for doing- less for reporting. Especially in the digital age, where artifacts are temporary and too easily aquired

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