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Fast Media/Media Fast

The subtitle of this book is “How to Clear Your Mind and Invigorate Your Life in an Age of Media Overload.” Thomas Cooper, a professor at Emerson College and former assistant to Marshall McLuhan, offers compelling reasons for going on a personal media diet. He also considers group fasting — and fast-breaking — by families, classes, Plain People, and the Rapa Nui of Easter

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Feed (A Novel)

This sci-fi story by M.T. Anderson imagines a future world where people connect to the Internet through feeds implanted in their brains. When a hacker disables their feeds and teenagers get a taste for thinking on their own, they decide to fight for more disconnection. (A National Book Award finalist.)

Hamlet’s Blackberry

In this book, Powers argues that many Westerners have been living as “digital maximalists,” with a belief that we should avoid ever being disconnected. He reflects on how devices interrupt his own family life and shares lessons from Plato, Seneca, Shakespeare, and others on how to nurture more introspection.