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Twentysomething “Goes Amish,” Unplugs for 3 Months

Jake Reilly, a grad student in Chicago, avoided cellphone, e-mail and social media for 90 days in his “Going Amish Project.” The experiment took Reilly, 24, from his normal life of following 250 people on Twitter and sending 1500 texts per month to using courtesy phones at a nearby hospital and writing chalk messages on friends’ sidewalks. He credits the project with making him

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South Korean Teens Unplug for One Week in BBC Challenge

BBC World Service

As part of its “On/Off” project, BBC recruited two families in South Korea — the most wired place on earth, where social networking was practically invented –to spend a week without the Internet. Some said that living offline was inconvenient and felt “suffocating” but others enjoyed “rediscovering lost time” to play and socialize. While one person never wanted “to go through this again,” another

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